Backyard Harvest has partnered with several entities across the Palouse to ensure EVERYONE in our community is able to enjoy our farmers markets and purchase fresh, locally-produced fruits, veggies, breads, honey, eggs, meat, and more. Our Shop the Market program provides an easy way for those who rely on SNAP funds to feed their family to use those food dollars at our local markets!

This year, thanks to the Food for All program, the Moscow Giving Circle, the Zakarison Partnership Feed, and the Moscow Food Co-op Dime in Time grant, we are able to offer $2  FREE Fresh Bucks to be spent on fresh fruits and veggies, herbs, mushrooms, and vegetable starts for every $5 spent. So, if you use $5 of SNAP benefits, you will actually get $7 to spend at the market. Unlike some programs, we have no limit or cap on how many Fresh Bucks you can get, so if you spend $30 you will actually get $42, if you spend $50 you will actually get $70, if you spend $100 you will actually get $140—that's 40% extra every time you Shop the Market!


For Shoppers

Shopping your local farmers market is easy, just come to the Backyard Harvest booth at any of the following markets:

STEP 1: We will swipe your Quest/EBT card and give you wooden tokens in the amount you specify

BYH Pullman and Moscow Tokens (1).jpg
  • Tokens will be accepted by vendors to purchase: fruits & vegetables, seeds & plant starts for growing food, mushrooms, herbs, bread, eggs, cheese, milk, honey, meat, and bulk prepared food items to be eaten after market (Example: a pound of barbecue, a dozen cookies, or multiple tamales). You cannot use tokens to purchase single servings of prepared food items to be consumed during market or non-food items.

  • Tokens do not expire. They can be used all season long and from year to year.

  • Due to state lines, tokens can only be used at the market they are designated for; Moscow tokens at markets in Moscow and Pullman tokens at markets in Pullman.

Step 2: Receive $2 in FREE Fresh Bucks for every $5 in tokens to help push your food dollars 40% further each time you shop

Fresh Bucks (1).jpg
  • Fresh Bucks will be accepted by vendors to purchase: fruits & vegetables, seeds & plant starts for growing food, cut herbs, and mushrooms. You cannot use Fresh Bucks to purchase anything other than the items listed.

  • Fresh Bucks do not expire but may change colors from year to year (Example: 2018 is blue).

  • Fresh Bucks can be used at any participating market regardless of location.

Step 3: Shop the Market for fruits, veggies, eggs, bread, honey, and more

  • Vendors cannot give change but may round your purchase as close as they can with additional fruit, veggies, etc.

  • Please do not use tokens or Fresh Bucks on ineligible items—if there is a question about whether an item is eligible or not please come to the Backyard Harvest booth; do not rely on the market manager or vendors to make this decision.

  • We have a produce guide available at the Backyard Harvest booth if you ever have questions about how to store/prepare various fruits or veggies you may encounter at market—just ask us!

Step 4: Come back and shop with us again next week!

For questions on how to participate in Shop the Market or any general concerns/suggestions, please contact us.

For Vendors

Thanks for participating in the Shop the Market program. Your efforts will allow hundreds of area families to purchase locally grown fruits & veggies, eggs, meat, bread, honey, and much more.

Click here to download the Vendor's Guide which will give you program and redemption information.

Tokens & Fresh Bucks can be redeemed either before, during, or immediately after the market by visiting the Backyard Harvest booth. Vendors will receive a carbon copy of their invoice for reimbursement. Checks are cut and mailed once a month for all outstanding invoices due. 

Backyard Harvest does not administer the Senior Farmers Market checks or the WIC Farmers Market checks. Please contact your market manager for more information on reimbursement for these additional food access programs. 

For questions on how to redeem tokens and Fresh Bucks or any general concerns/suggestions, please contact us.